Quacks, Are For Ducks

I get asked a whole lot of questions, but there are a couple questions that not a lot of people ask me to my face. One of those questions goes something like “Does chiropractic even work?”

Google, I’m sure, has some enlightening answers, but I bet your mom’s friend Susan whose sister’s boyfriend went to a chiropractor once does not.

So let’s answer it now. From me. A chiropractor.


Does chiropractic work?

Short answer…YES.

For the long answer…

In the most general terms, Chiropractic is a profession whose aim is to identify the root cause of why someone is experiencing health issues. Western medicine (what we in the United States are used to) is very good at identifying symptoms and figuring out how best to relieve them. Of course, this is important because people want to be able to enjoy their lives and feeling good is more or less a requirement for that.

As chiropractors, we care about how our clients feel and the problems they’re having, but what we do goes deeper than just helping them feel better. As I said, our purpose is to identify root causes. Once we identify the original cause, we can figure out how to correct it. Once the cause is corrected, no longer will the body have issues since we removed the entire problem versus just covering up the symptoms of the problem.


Here’s an example:

Imagine it’s the middle of the night and you’re sleeping. You wake up all of a sudden because your fire alarm is going off and then you realize you smell smoke! You start to panic, you’re sweating, breathing fast, trying to figure out what and who you need to grab to get out of the house and be safe when you start hearing banging on the door. It’s the firemen! They’re here to put out the fire! You feel relieved as they bust down the door and walk into the room. You watch them take their axe and hit the smoke alarm that’s still blaring until it falls from the ceiling and goes quiet on the floor. The fireman look at you, smile, and then head out, knowing you can go back to sleep because no longer will a very loud siren be going off. But…the fire is still going strong.

Putting out symptoms is like firemen putting out a smoke alarm without putting out the fire. What I do is put out the blazing fire so the smoke alarm goes off by itself.

The results are the same, except one solution creates long-term resolution and restores your body back to balance while the other helps you feel better without actually solving the problem.


No fire, no issues.

That sounds great, right? Makes sense? The next question I get is “Okay…how do you do that?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

The way we put out the fire is to first identify where it is in the body. We do this by using Digital Infrared Thermography and assessing the communication between the brain and every nerve in the body. When there is a fire going on inside, this communication within the nerves is disrupted, and we can pick that up with the thermal scans that our technology provides us. Then, we take it one step further. We utilize biomechanical x-rays to assess how the joints in the spine are moving. All the nerves run through the bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. If the joints that hold the bones together aren’t working correctly, this interferes with the communication in your nerves, resulting in a blazing fire.

First we identify, second we correct, and we use thermal scans to measure throughout the entire process to make sure we’re putting out the fire we say we are.

Happy, healthy brain-body communication = happy, healthy life!


Does chiropractic work?

Yes, because we at The Specific Chiropractic Centers make sure it does.

Live Life,