IMMUNE BOOSTING: How to Stay Well During the Holiday Season!

During the Holiday season and breaks, someone always ends up sick, stressed or sad. There is at least one person in the family that is really sick that can’t enjoy, relax and just feel good. OKAY…. How do we prevent this?! Here are some great tips to boost your immune system!



Not 3 hours of good sleep, I am talking about a good 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This means no phones, no television in the background at least an hour before bed! If you do have to use your phones or computer, put it in night mode, which changes the screen color to be a softer orange/yellow. Try to sleep in a dark room so you can turn off your brain and make sure you are comfortable with the temperature.  These factors can inhibit your deep sleep and affect how your body heals. That’s right, your body heals when it sleeps! This doesn’t mean to sleep 15 hours a day and wake up randomly. You need to have a routine in the morning, so try to wake up the same time each morning.



You must be thinking, “Do you mean I need to run a mile each day to prevent getting sick?!” No! Exercise doesn’t mean high intensity it means to move your body. If we sit on the couch every day with no movement, our immune system won’t be boosted! That’s right, exercise boosts our immune systems! This can be a simple exercise like walking, hiking, or even doing a 30-minute activity.



Not giving your body the proper nutrition can give the immune boosting nutrients we need. This does NOT mean you can’t enjoy some sweets or Holiday food! Just have the food in moderation. Try to stick with foods that can help your body feel good such as garlic infused, yogurt and whole grains!



Happiness and enjoyment can honestly boost your immune system. When you are stressed, tired, unhappy, your immune system becomes fragile. When you’re stressed, your body doesn’t really heal and when we don’t heal our immune system in on overdrive. People that are lonely and sad are more likely going to be ill during the holiday season compared to people that are happy and relaxed.  This is why college students get sick during the holidays. They take their stressful finals before Christmas and their bodies become prone to being sick!



Take care of yourself! Make sure you have a healthy nervous system! A healthy nervous system directly correlates with a healthy immune system.  This means caring for yourself, washing your hands, giving yourself the right time to heal and getting checked by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor!

These little tidbits will not only prevent you from getting sick, but it will boost your immune system during this busy time of year!