How The Specific Can Change Your Life

One of the most common things I hear from people who experience our care is “I wish I had found you sooner.”

Why do you they say that? Well, I believe the answer is simple, really. We are the answer they’ve been searching for…sometimes the answer they’ve been searching for their entire lives.


Patients seek us out because they have problems that no one has been able to really help before. Sometimes that means helping relieve pain and unbearable or unpleasant symptoms and sometimes that means helping the body restore its functions to express life at a higher level. Usually, it’s a combination of both.


For instance, many of our patients come to us with, what they describe as, “weird symptoms” that don’t necessarily fit into a category of diagnosis. Often times, they’ve received multiple diagnoses at different points in their life based on what symptoms they’re currently experiencing. This results in several semi-diagnoses, lots of trial and error with different doctors, treatments and medications, repeated negative or normal testing results, hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent, and a whole lot of despair and frustration.


So why are they still searching for answers several years later when they feel like they’ve exhausted all their avenues? Because, despite everything they’ve tried and despite the fact that they’ve yet to get substantial results, they still have HOPE that the answer is out there and they just haven’t found it yet.


No wonder that’s the most common thing we hear our patients say when they experience what we do.


The way we do what we do is of utmost importance for the results our patients see. At The Specific, we practice a technique called Upper Cervical Specific. The cornerstone of this technique is being able to objectively measure the function of the central nervous system (brain, brainstem, and spinal cord). We find that most people don’t realize their nervous system is what coordinates all the functions in their body, including conscious and subconscious thought, cognition, metabolism, hormones, digestion, voluntary and involuntary movement, reflexes, etc. Literally, anything you can think of that your body does comes from your nervous system’s instructions. We’ve found that the majority of our patients who have chronic health conditions that refuse to improve or continue to worsen, also have an underlying nervous system dysfunction and they don’t even know it. To top it off, they’ve never even been offered to have their nervous systems checked for the dysfunction in the first place.


This is why whenever a patient steps foot into our office for care, the very first thing we do is check for that dysfunction. If the dysfunction is present, the body cannot achieve maximal health since the brain to body communication is being interfered with. Some, if not all, of the instructions that the nervous system is trying to send get distorted and therefore cannot be carried out with 100% accuracy. When the body has been functioning this way, it begins to break down as the communication begins to break down. Usually, the more severe or chronic the symptoms, the longer the dysfunction and subsequent breakdown in brain-body communication has been present.


Removing nervous system dysfunction and restoring brain-body communication is the key to expressing life to the max. For our patients, this is everything. Not only does it mean you feel better and happier and healthier, but it means having hope in your life and your body restored. One of the most empowering beliefs is not feeling like your body is betraying you anymore, but instead, is working with you allowing you to pursue your favorite hobby, play with your kids, go travel the world, or simply just get a good night’s sleep for once. Whatever you want to do, whatever plans you had to postpone, no longer are you shackled by your health.


But most importantly, it means you get to stop looking because you finally found the answer.